Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mommy on Meds

I'm a mommy and a nurse, so medications have always been a part of my life. I have always hated them. I say that literally. I was the kid who didn't want tylenol or a pill when my head or tummy ached. I wanted warm soup, crackers, or a kiss on the forehead.

But when nothing was getting me out of my dark, quiet room I went to the specialist and did what I was told. They just about killed me! Honestly, why is it acceptable to leave your patients drooling in their dinner plates? That is just wrong!

I turned to Acupuncture. Which when you think about it has been around and WORKING for hundreds of years longer than our Western 'medicine'. My regimen of needles and herbs had me off the hard stuff and well on my way...

Then the babies came. Wow, I was surprised since my doctor said I wouldn't be able to get pregnant! It was all the work my acupuncturist was doing. (He specialized in fertility and hormone imbalances.) I had to give up my treatments and focus and the new issue. My bones decided they didn't need to conform to rules and guidelines any more. They started doing the Watusi while I was steadily growing larger.

The long story short? My health has declined for years, and now on the cusp of my youngest's 3rd birthday, my headaches are back with a vengeance! If you are steady reader you know I had brain surgery, so you're probably rolling your eyes and saying Duh!

But these are just like they used to be and then some! My surgeon's regimen of pills was not helping and so they sent me to a neurologist. After a few trips in, I'm now off everything the surgeon started and taking Zanaflex and Tegretol. The purpose is to treat the muscle spasms from the unsteady spine, and relieve my trigeminal neuralgia, which I didn't even know I had!

Honestly? This pill hater has to bow down to modern science there. I feel much improved. The seizure drug is commonly used following surgery like mine, and can treat several different conditions. What it's helping correct in me I'm just beginning to realize.

I'm a more balanced Mother, and feel awake for the first time since May 13th (My surgery). Here's hoping that this is a new chapter and a preview of great things to come! I was beginning to think my kid's would be better off without me than to have an empty shell. I'm so glad I struggled on. And I'm glad that not all doctor's believe more pills will quiet the average woman.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vera Bradley

My Mom graciously bought me my choice in diaper bag when I found out I was having a little girl. I still love the pattern! Now that my daughter is turning 3 and is potty trained (almost) ;) it's time to part with my favorite bag. Time to switch back to a mommy purse! LOL But that's ok, I have my new denim and leather bag from thirty one, so I'm still in style.

It is Raspberry Fizz, and still just as bright. Now I know why Vera Bradley is so popular! Bold colors that are hard to find when not in production, and so well made they could be heirlooms!

If you want my favorite bag and matching wallet, you can pick it up off eBay .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recycled Doll House

Click for directions
I saw this post on my facebok page from Money Saving Mom. Click on their name to 'like' them and get similar daily posts. They always have great ideas and coupons!

This idea caught my eye since my sister and I used to make our own dollhouses from cardboard boxes all the time.

This creative idea uses night stand drawers! Very cute idea! Don't take my word for it. Head on over to and see the details for yourself!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Potty Girls

I've often heard that girls are easier to train than boys, so I wasn't very anxious when we started thinking of training our daughter to use the potty.

The only pause was finding panties or pull ups in her size! She is a tiny little thing. She met every checklist, but one. She couldn't pull up her own pants. So we waited and went looking for sizes that would work, and collected under pants. I'm so glad we were better prepared. She's doing great!

Is your little one ready? Here is the readiness checklist:

 Physical signs

  1. Is coordinated enough to walk, and even run, steadily.
  2. Urinates a fair amount at one time.
  3. Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times.
  4. Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine.

Behavioral signs

  1. Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes.
  2. Can pull his pants up and down.
  3. Dislikes the feeling of wearing a wet or dirty diaper.
  4. Shows interest in others' bathroom habits (wants to watch you go to the bathroom or wear underwear).
  5. Gives a physical or verbal sign when he's having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you.
  6. Demonstrates a desire for independence.
  7. Takes pride in his accomplishments.
  8. Isn't resistant to learning to use the toilet.
  9. Is in a generally cooperative stage, not a negative or contrary one.

Cognitive signs

  1. Can follow simple instructions, such as "go get the toy."
  2. Understands the value of putting things where they belong.
  3. Has words for urine and stool.
So you think you're ready? 
Here are few items that are recommended for PARENTS to begin:

  1. Training pants or toddler underpants. (6 pairs at a minimum, 12 would be great and 18 pair would be excellent.)
  2. Potty Chair or Toilet Seat Adpater
  3. A Step Stool
  4. Flushable Wipes
  5. Foaming Hand Soap (for little hands) We use Melaleuca Kid's Hand pump
  6. Extra Towels and paper towels
  7. Cleaning Supplies (for the accidents)
  8. Whatever you decide on for rewards

Be assuring, excited and patient. Expect accidents, that way you'll be less likely to be upset when it happens. Think of it as one down and one closer to being trained!

Good luck to you and your little one! We're hoping to be diaper free very soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Sniffles

Last night as we traveled home both our little darlings were snotting and miserable. I always hate to see my babies sick! And I know they have to be miserable when they get the body aches.

Some common sense mixed with medical fact...

The old standby of chicken noodle soup is the way to go for most stuffy heads. The warmth and steam will help loosen it up! For adults add in extra pepper! (Works for me!)

For sore throats go soft, but avoid just giving them ice cream. Scrambled Eggs, soups, oatmeal. For a cough that won't stop, try Honey! Swirl into hot tea at night to help them drift off to sleep.

Honey Stick From Aunt Kelly
The adage about starving a fever is a big no no! In fact our bodies need more calories when we have a fever, not less! Slip in extra calories wherever you can. Mash up bananas in peanut butter, powdered milk in the mac n cheese, even try fruit smoothies instead of plain ice cream.

Saltines are great for upset tummies of any age, and yogurt is usually fine. Popsicles are your best tool and can be homemade with real fruit juices.

Sugar should be avoided during sickness and recovery. It actually causes inflammation and can make you feel worse. So avoid fast food favs after an illness and try to get them eating grains, veggies and lean proteins.

Do your kids love mushrooms? They are natural viral attackers and can shorted the life of some flu viruses. (Read this article for more than ever wanted to know.)

Want something other than food tips? Steamy showers, warm washcloths for the face, vapor rubs (Try rubbing on the soles of the feet and applying socks to lessen coughing at night!) Saline irrigation, and aromatherapy steam sessions like adding Eucalyptus (which is known to open up bronchial tubes, ease congestion, and make breathing easier) or fresh ground ginger to a sink full of steamy hot water and leaning over with a towel draped around your head to capture the steam.

Go at their pace when your kids are sick. Try to let them have what their bodies are craving but limit sugar and replace with healthy calories. Let them play for little bursts and try to keep them at rest whenever possible. They'll appreciate the tender loving care. (Maybe when they're older) ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Parties

I'm like everyone else, I think, in that I'm a sucker for a good deal. And my new obsession (I use that term very loosely) is totes! I have vintage made, handmade, customized and collected ones from my childhood. They are perfect for a few notebooks, magazines or the latest Shana Abe' book while waiting at the doctor's office.

I was always a tiny purse kind of gal and even when my babies came along, I had an itty bitty thing that fit into a side pocket of the huge diaper bag they required. Now I've discovered Thirty One bags! They have the purse of my dreams! A chocolate brown leather deal with an assortment of colorful covers. But my obbsession? Oh my! I could have one of every color they produce and still have more options. My favorite is probably the mini retro metro bag in taupe.

But since this is primarily a blog about my life with the kids... I wanted to share this other new fav. I used to use baskets with colorful liners to separate their toys and other sundry items. :) 
Now I'm rethinking my color scape and crushing on these Thirty One cubes!

We can stylishly keep the kid's things in the living space without sacrificing my designer touch. Brilliant! And they easily slide under the train table or onto a book shelf.  Even more fun is the customization and monogram options.

Want one?? I'm hosting an online party, head over to and choose "Crystal Barton" as your host under 'Place An Order'. What is your favorite Thirty One product?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

My little princess hates to sleep in her bed I think. I haven't found a pea under the mattress yet, but I'm still looking for one.

One day we find our peanut in her closet fast asleep with her blanket under her head. most mornings she is lying across the width of her bed with her blanket over her head, or with it tucked under her pillow.

We tried darkening the room, but this morning we find her passed out on the living room carpet. Thankfully she couldn't get any of the doors to the outside open.

We don't know if this is sleepwalking, or just her way of being independent. She loves to get her beauty sleep, so we are scratching our heads at this one. Our son, we would know he just didn't want to go to bed, but with our daughter the reasons elude us.

I found a helpful tidbit on sleepwalking toddlers if you ever experience this with one of your precious charges.


"Sleepwalking and sleep talking happen when a child is in a deep sleep. While sleepwalking, your child may have a blank, staring face. They may not respond to others and be very difficult to awaken. When your child does wake up, they will probably not remember the episode. Sleepwalking children will often return to bed by themselves and will not even remember that they have gotten out of bed. Sleepwalking can be common, and tends to run in families. It can even occur several times in one night among older children and teenagers.
How to handle sleepwalking and sleep talking:
  • Make sure your child doesn't hurt them self while sleepwalking. Clear the bedroom area of potential hazards that your child could trip over or fall on.
  • Lock outside doors so your child cannot leave the house.
  • Block stairways so your child cannot go up or down.
  • There is no need to try to wake your child when they are sleepwalking or sleep talking. Gently lead them back to bed and they will probably settle down on their own.
Sleepwalking and sleep talking are more likely to occur when your child is overly tired or under stress. Keeping your child's sleep schedule regular may help prevent sleepwalking and sleep talking."

To read this article in full or to see how to deal with other sleep problems, like bed wetting, go to

Monday, July 25, 2011

Build A Fairy Wnderland

From the Ranger-Rick/Activities/Outdoors Blog post...

Go out exploring in your backyard and create a little house for little people! Your kids will love pretending that fairies are going to move in!! I have tons of pine cones, so I can't wait to try this out.

Post your pics on our facebook group page!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tractors R Us

We never really grow up when it comes to fast rides and adrenaline. Who was the first person to think, this lawn tractor is pretty cool, I bet it can out pull my neighbors? Whoever it was, and I'm counting on it being a guy, we can thank them for the fun we all had this weekend.

The kids loved climbing the 'wall' and getting a good look at those loud tractors. It was a slow day, but when you are having a good time, eating grilled food and laughing with friends and family, the times goes by quickly!

Its a highly competitive yet friendly sport that kids of all ages can enter. Look up the fun in your home town and see if it's something your young aspiring gear head would love. They have pedal powered ones for the young kids and have stock classes for those of you who would rather put them on your mower than go out and supe up a custom one.

My son fell in love with a 'blue one' and put in his order to Dad. He loves anything he drive, my daughter likes to ride and watch so far, and I'm fine with that! She'll probably be a cheer leader in high school! :)

It was a breezy evening, and a fun family friendly event. It looks like we've already hooked the kids and will be returning soon. Maybe we'll see you there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

These Shoes

Most of you have heard the phrase, "Walk a mile in my shoes" when dealing with others. We probably don't think of it for children. It's usually referred to when dealing with a disability or someone with a wealth of experiences. Our children are usually seen as too young or inexperienced for this to ring true, but they have dealt with it their whole lives, that's saying something!

Children can be cruel yet they start so innocent! We train them up seeing the world in likes and differences and then have a hard time getting them to accept disabilities. Visual disabilities are often easier to accept than mental slowness or physical limitations. Yet it is most common.

If you have a child with special needs or would like to teach your child to prevent bullying, check out

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day from the Mom's Book of worries! I'm taking a break from blogging to enjoy the fun and fireworks...

Well almost :)

I can't take a break from worrying though, I wish it could be otherwise!! The heat was a big factor in our plans for the weekend. Most activities were indoors until late in the evening to prevent heat stroke.

We did make it over to the family home to celebrate with the relatives as the sun went down and the storm front came in. We hadn't planned on doing much of anything, but ended up eating out on picnik tables in the yard and grilling out too. It was fun, but both the kids wore themselves out quickly! Oh, to be that young and carefree again!

As we prepared to beat the storm home, we soon discovered that our littlest family member (the tiny dog) had snuck indoors and had chilled in the AC while we were making  the most of the humidity and heat.

A special thank you to everyone who made our weekend memorable. I sincerely hope that each of you have a special weekend surrounded by the ones you love!

Friday, July 1, 2011

What a Great Idea!

Read Article
Make Your Own Paint with Water Pages!

I wish this was my idea! Nope, Found it on the "I can teach my Child" Page (See new link box to the left)

I am planning on searching for free color pages my children will enjoy (I know NickJr has a ton of online printables) and then using my watercolor pencils to start them off. There are some great printables at that include all the favorites!

I'll post the results on my art blog and facebook group page later. If you play along, please post your fun results on our new facebook page! I can't wait to see what you create for yourself and those tiny fingers you love most!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

For Memorial Day

Flowers decorate the graves of our relatives that have died recently and long ago. Flags flutter across the cemetery honoring those that fought to preserve our freedom. And children duck in between all this and marvel at these large stones that jut out of the ground.

My daughter stops and attempts to smell all the pretty, yet plastic, roses that catch her eye while helping Granny place even more at the foot of pretty stones. My son, along with his cousin, drive their toy trucks along ledges and haul their trailers and boats along with all the several 'real' boats and trucks we've passed along the way.

This day was created to honor fallen soldiers, then all deceased family members, and now it's a day to show our support to those that have fought and continue to fight for our way of life. It has also become a weekend to enjoy this great nation of ours with boating, camping and cooking out.

Stay safe out there. Enjoy one another's company and remember to thank those in uniform or those in your family that are veterans.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nana nana nana... Batman!

My son is recently 4 years old and was just introduced to Batman. He didn't believe me that Batman has a theme song, but now he will sing it out of the blue. It is so cute! But it is funnier that he can't pronounce it correctly yet, so it's always 'Butt' Man.

He really enjoys playing with the new Happy Meal toys and will watch the old shows and cartoons. I used to love Adam West as Batman! He doesn't really like the newer ones, just the classic stuff. Thank God for the library! They have all the good ones on DVD. He doesn't like to return them, but loves watching them!

He is building his good and bad knowledge and so this Batman phase is a step in that knowledge. I hope he maintains the awareness that just because it's dark or ugly doesn't equal bad, just as beauty doesn't always mean good! It's the unassuming stranger that always gets away with terrors. I want my kids to be strong, well rounded and not trust on appearances. That inner voice is always the wisest tutor!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Pray

As I was recovering at home I had several days where I was asleep or at doctor's appointments while the kids were at full creative speed.

So the following story is as it was told to me.

My two darlings found my makeup bag and decided that black mascara looked an awful lot like a very nifty carpet and room paint brush/marker.

When my son was told that Mommy was going to be very upset when she sees this mess, his quick reply was "Oh! We'd Better Pray!" How can I not smile after that? What's a few black smudges on an already damaged carpet when they are learning lessons like that!

I just hope they are over the color-the-carpet stage soon, so I can get safely get another! Now off to find a better hiding spot for my makeup things!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Supervision is perhaps a parents biggest and most time consuming task. It takes little ones mere seconds to perform the most destructive of acts!

Mine for instance can poop their pants and then manage to get it all over the bathroom in a moment. While I think they are using the potty as directed, they are in fact wipping thier soiled hands all over the rug, shower curtain and wall. Then they proceed to roll the entire roll of toilet paper into the commode before flushing and coming to me for a high five.

I take that moment to understand that something is amiss of course, thankfully before giving them their bowl of finger food snacks! I mean gross!

The funny picture I found for today, shows another set of kids doing what imaginative and healthy children do too often. Whatever they find interesting at that moment. Good luck to all the parent's out there who have creative and active kids!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Confused Much?

Okay, after surgery I still have moments where I'm a bit confused. But whoever created this sign was clearly not familiar with proper grammar. Shouldn't it read 24th?

What the heck, it might be fun to live on a unique street like this.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My kid's Favorite Rap

My kids new favorite cartoon to watch is Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. My fav growing up was the Batty Rap!! Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok, I don't know who these people are, but I agree!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


My recovery from brain surgery is going smoothly. As well as it an go after brain surgery I guess. I have noticed that besides feeling what I like to call "woozy" (yep me and my medical jargon!) and getting very tired very quickly I have started to swell dependently. Basically my ankles are swollen in the evenings.

Pictured is my back yard. The cherry trees from a few weeks ago welcomed me home with a wonderful aroma. I recently have discovered apple, pear, dogwood and red bud trees. The house is surrounded in lilies irises, bleeding hearts, Lilly of the valley and rose bushes. Two of which I added, but three are very mature, a bit overgrown and needed pruned badly, but healthy. I can't wait to see what colors they are! As well as the peony bushes. There are tons so I hope the colors are varied. I even found snowball bushes, lilacs and forsythia.

So all in all, a beautiful place to recover! Full of color and scent! I am having trouble with handwriting still, feeling weak and needing the hand rail to get up the few stairs. I get stronger daily and feel truly blessed to be alive and whole!

I am grateful and patient and loving that my surgery is over and my life just re-beginning!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have a headache...

I saw this pic on a what's wrong with this image page. I just loved it! It shows exactly how I feel today! Or maybe as close as it can get.

Today I am having brain surgery. So I will be feeling like a log drove plowed through my head for awhile. So I may not be actively blogging for awhile. (To say the least)

So hang in there with me, and I'll start up again as soon as the wood chipper gets here!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Home

What makes a house a home? For me it's having my family with me and being surrounded by the things I love most. Which if you know me, means lots of pictures and trees!

For the kids it was about the same definition, but each might have left his or her sister or brother with Granny! Benjamin wanted to bring Granny with him. ;)

He was very adamant about including Granny until he figured out he was getting a new toy chest from Grammy Bonnie to go in his new room. Once he discovered he was bringing his car bed and toys along, he was much more excited about the "new walls and new room".

Abbie has never been a complainer. She was content with her "mu-vees" and blankie. She cuddled up to Dad and shadowed her big brother from the first night. I think she loves her new toy for her 'new room' but we probably would never know if she didn't.

Our tiny furball has be de-fuzzed and de-pestified. She is looking abit more like a drowned rat unfortunately, but you can't go rutting around in a dead thing and not expect a bath and some serious disinfecting! I mean Gross!

Of course Baby Doll and Kitty had to be here with the kids or they wouldn't be home either. And without a garage and space for the big boy toys, I doubt Daddy would feel at home anywhere. ;)

So in our case our new house is already our home. We still need to get a few piece of essential furniture, but it's home just the same.

Monday, April 4, 2011

TV as a babysitter?

OK, not what you though I'd blog about... But I do believe that TV cannot replace parenting, and should never be used as a babysitter.

With that said, I just can't help to think that it is very useful in lolling some children to sleep. Case in point, this little guy! :)

My kids love watching toons in the morning as they wake up, and toons in their rooms when they are winding down. I try to keep it limited, but on rainy days, who doesn't love to snuggle up to the TV with a good show?

Friday, April 1, 2011

No more snack food?

Do you ever feel like your kids have you right where they want you? I know there are days when I feel like the kids get the better of me right from the start!

But when I feel like they are pushing every button I have and my temper is about to flare, I try to remember that it's all perception. Sometimes stepping back and looking from a different angle is all it takes to turn a head banging moment to a laugh. Or at the very least, a sigh.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Worry

Worry- v. (wûrd, wr-)
1. To feel uneasy or concerned about something; be troubled.
2. To pull or tear at something with or as if with the teeth.
3. To proceed doggedly in the face of difficulty or hardship; struggle: worried along at the problem.
1. To cause to feel anxious, distressed, or troubled.
2. To bother or annoy, as with petty complaints. 
  a. To seize with the teeth and shake or tug at repeatedly: a dog worrying a bone.
 b. To attack roughly and repeatedly; harass.
 c. To touch, move, or handle idly; toy with: worrying the loose tooth with his tongue.
n. pl. wor·ries
1. The act of worrying or the condition of being worried; persistent mental uneasiness.
2. A source of nagging concern or uneasiness.
With a definition like that why do we allow even a moment of worry to cloud our minds? But we do! Oh how we do! And lately I've been plagued with so many worried from sinister to benign, that it is hard to see daylight at all.
Which is why I have not been blogging. I am in the middle of a move, potty training and surgery to remove a brain tumor. Yikes! And if I'm trying to stay away from worries, you should definitely give it a go.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rejected Veggie Tale Squash

I can only imagine why this squash was passed up for a chance to be on the newest Veggie Tales video. You can tell by the way it is sulking that it is very disappointed in the missed opportunity. I hear it is barely able to move on with it's career! Best of luck Butternut Squash!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get the Search Engine Photo
 Today is the 107th birthday of Dr. Seuss. He was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts and died on September 24, 1991 in San Diego, California at the age of 87. The man doesn't need any introduction. Every American child grew up reading his books.

Head on over to pick up the free web banner for your browser and spend a few minutes today reading your favorite story to your kids or out loud to yourself!

"Oh the places you will go!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dady's Girl

They say most girl's are Daddy's Little Girl. His Princess. And that they have Daddy wrapped around their little princess finger. All those are true of my daughter!

She has the most adorable grin I've ever seen in a two year old. But the most amazing part of it, is how fast it turns on for her Daddy. She already knows the sound of his truck before the rest of us.

She'll come running down the hall from playing trailing her "Dad Dad Dad-di" and grinning and dancing like a clown. Our little funny face is such a Daddy's Girl!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today I'm showing off the wonderfully creative crochet artist of Yarnabees on Etsy

Yarnabees Crochet Design
This crafter creates every item with love, joy and hope and that's what these charming critters will bring to you! The patterns are mostly custom design or that of Lion Brand, and are top notch in quality. One day you'll be able to see them all in a bound book, but for now you can order from her etsy store.

The cute factor is way up on these heirloom quality toys! Buy one for that landmark birthday or for the loved one in the hospital to bring back a memory of a cherished friend...these crochet pals will bring out the smiles and last through the generations.

The Valentine Turtle is featured in a current contest so be sure to Vote!! My favorite critter is the Jack Russel! How adorable is he? And no barking or accidents on the kitchen rugs makes him the perfect first pet. Order one today and make sure to tell her belle sent ya!

If you are on facebook, stop in and become a fan.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I found an amazing Kaleidoscope maker on facebook of all places and just HAD to share it with all of you! I loved my Kaleidoscope as a kid and will always remember how inspired that whirl of colors made me feel!


A Wright Made Kaleidoscope has over 25 years of craftsmanship incorporated in the woodwork. You know it will be durable and stay as lovely as the day you opened it. The laminated woodwork is amazing and the artistry of the oil filled designs are sure to be conversation starters in your office!

Buy one for you kids, one for yourself and one for the businessman who has everything. It will win you smiles every time. And the view you will be receiving is like non other!

The difference in the image reflected is in the mirrors used...

When an ordinary mirror is used in a kaleidoscope, light must pass through a layer of glass before being reflected by the silvering on the back of the mirror. Since glass is not perfectly clear or perfectly flat, some attenuation of the image results, along with “ghost images” caused by reflection off of the surface of the glass. These undesirable effects are compounded in a kaleidoscope mirror assembly and cause the viewing field’s outermost edges to dim, blur, and become full of interference lines.

By using aluminized front surface mirrors these problems are solved. Front surface mirror is made by vacuum depositing a highly reflective aluminum surface coating onto the FRONT of the glass. The light then reflects off the aluminized coating and does not pass through the glass. The high reflectivity (approximately 95%) and the absence of ghost images permits a brilliant image which remains clear and bright throughout the viewing field. The resulting “hall of mirrors” effect results in images and colors that are much sharper and more intense than would be possible using ordinary mirror.

Wright Made Products is hand crafting these and I think they are just plain gorgeous! What do you think? Stop by and become a fan on facebook and browse their Esty store to buy one today.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new found artisan. And I hope you feel inspired to bring out your original love for these hand held masterpieces!

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