Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Sniffles

Last night as we traveled home both our little darlings were snotting and miserable. I always hate to see my babies sick! And I know they have to be miserable when they get the body aches.

Some common sense mixed with medical fact...

The old standby of chicken noodle soup is the way to go for most stuffy heads. The warmth and steam will help loosen it up! For adults add in extra pepper! (Works for me!)

For sore throats go soft, but avoid just giving them ice cream. Scrambled Eggs, soups, oatmeal. For a cough that won't stop, try Honey! Swirl into hot tea at night to help them drift off to sleep.

Honey Stick From Aunt Kelly
The adage about starving a fever is a big no no! In fact our bodies need more calories when we have a fever, not less! Slip in extra calories wherever you can. Mash up bananas in peanut butter, powdered milk in the mac n cheese, even try fruit smoothies instead of plain ice cream.

Saltines are great for upset tummies of any age, and yogurt is usually fine. Popsicles are your best tool and can be homemade with real fruit juices.

Sugar should be avoided during sickness and recovery. It actually causes inflammation and can make you feel worse. So avoid fast food favs after an illness and try to get them eating grains, veggies and lean proteins.

Do your kids love mushrooms? They are natural viral attackers and can shorted the life of some flu viruses. (Read this article for more than ever wanted to know.)

Want something other than food tips? Steamy showers, warm washcloths for the face, vapor rubs (Try rubbing on the soles of the feet and applying socks to lessen coughing at night!) Saline irrigation, and aromatherapy steam sessions like adding Eucalyptus (which is known to open up bronchial tubes, ease congestion, and make breathing easier) or fresh ground ginger to a sink full of steamy hot water and leaning over with a towel draped around your head to capture the steam.

Go at their pace when your kids are sick. Try to let them have what their bodies are craving but limit sugar and replace with healthy calories. Let them play for little bursts and try to keep them at rest whenever possible. They'll appreciate the tender loving care. (Maybe when they're older) ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Parties

I'm like everyone else, I think, in that I'm a sucker for a good deal. And my new obsession (I use that term very loosely) is totes! I have vintage made, handmade, customized and collected ones from my childhood. They are perfect for a few notebooks, magazines or the latest Shana Abe' book while waiting at the doctor's office.

I was always a tiny purse kind of gal and even when my babies came along, I had an itty bitty thing that fit into a side pocket of the huge diaper bag they required. Now I've discovered Thirty One bags! They have the purse of my dreams! A chocolate brown leather deal with an assortment of colorful covers. But my obbsession? Oh my! I could have one of every color they produce and still have more options. My favorite is probably the mini retro metro bag in taupe.

But since this is primarily a blog about my life with the kids... I wanted to share this other new fav. I used to use baskets with colorful liners to separate their toys and other sundry items. :) 
Now I'm rethinking my color scape and crushing on these Thirty One cubes!

We can stylishly keep the kid's things in the living space without sacrificing my designer touch. Brilliant! And they easily slide under the train table or onto a book shelf.  Even more fun is the customization and monogram options.

Want one?? I'm hosting an online party, head over to http://www.mythirtyone.com/sarahsmith/ and choose "Crystal Barton" as your host under 'Place An Order'. What is your favorite Thirty One product?

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