Monday, February 21, 2011

Dady's Girl

They say most girl's are Daddy's Little Girl. His Princess. And that they have Daddy wrapped around their little princess finger. All those are true of my daughter!

She has the most adorable grin I've ever seen in a two year old. But the most amazing part of it, is how fast it turns on for her Daddy. She already knows the sound of his truck before the rest of us.

She'll come running down the hall from playing trailing her "Dad Dad Dad-di" and grinning and dancing like a clown. Our little funny face is such a Daddy's Girl!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today I'm showing off the wonderfully creative crochet artist of Yarnabees on Etsy

Yarnabees Crochet Design
This crafter creates every item with love, joy and hope and that's what these charming critters will bring to you! The patterns are mostly custom design or that of Lion Brand, and are top notch in quality. One day you'll be able to see them all in a bound book, but for now you can order from her etsy store.

The cute factor is way up on these heirloom quality toys! Buy one for that landmark birthday or for the loved one in the hospital to bring back a memory of a cherished friend...these crochet pals will bring out the smiles and last through the generations.

The Valentine Turtle is featured in a current contest so be sure to Vote!! My favorite critter is the Jack Russel! How adorable is he? And no barking or accidents on the kitchen rugs makes him the perfect first pet. Order one today and make sure to tell her belle sent ya!

If you are on facebook, stop in and become a fan.

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