Monday, January 31, 2011

I found an amazing Kaleidoscope maker on facebook of all places and just HAD to share it with all of you! I loved my Kaleidoscope as a kid and will always remember how inspired that whirl of colors made me feel!


A Wright Made Kaleidoscope has over 25 years of craftsmanship incorporated in the woodwork. You know it will be durable and stay as lovely as the day you opened it. The laminated woodwork is amazing and the artistry of the oil filled designs are sure to be conversation starters in your office!

Buy one for you kids, one for yourself and one for the businessman who has everything. It will win you smiles every time. And the view you will be receiving is like non other!

The difference in the image reflected is in the mirrors used...

When an ordinary mirror is used in a kaleidoscope, light must pass through a layer of glass before being reflected by the silvering on the back of the mirror. Since glass is not perfectly clear or perfectly flat, some attenuation of the image results, along with “ghost images” caused by reflection off of the surface of the glass. These undesirable effects are compounded in a kaleidoscope mirror assembly and cause the viewing field’s outermost edges to dim, blur, and become full of interference lines.

By using aluminized front surface mirrors these problems are solved. Front surface mirror is made by vacuum depositing a highly reflective aluminum surface coating onto the FRONT of the glass. The light then reflects off the aluminized coating and does not pass through the glass. The high reflectivity (approximately 95%) and the absence of ghost images permits a brilliant image which remains clear and bright throughout the viewing field. The resulting “hall of mirrors” effect results in images and colors that are much sharper and more intense than would be possible using ordinary mirror.

Wright Made Products is hand crafting these and I think they are just plain gorgeous! What do you think? Stop by and become a fan on facebook and browse their Esty store to buy one today.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new found artisan. And I hope you feel inspired to bring out your original love for these hand held masterpieces!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Your Cutie Patootie!

Ok, so you might already have seen this, But I am so blown away at how cute this gal's creations are!!!! If you know me, you know I love be prepared the following images will make you say "Aaaaaahhh" and "Oh how cute!" Just so your warned, these are just too adorable!!

There are way more than hats and scarves. You've gotta see them all to appreciate why I'm so blown away with this talent! Go to her facebook fan page to see more details! Make sure you sign up as a fan and tell her Belle sent you!!

To order now, go to her Little Kids shop on Etsy. Just don't say I didn't warn you if you can't stop saying "Aaaaaaah" !  These are too cute not to share to your friends on your networks and like away!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got Crabs?

So the other day we were at the doctor's office to see our pediatrician and while waiting the kids were enjoying watching the fish swimming in circles in the salt water tank they have for them.

There were several kids around the tank which sits on ground level to be eye level to little amblers and early walkers. My son was chatting up the cute girls like always and was bragging about his pets at home. Everyone in the office gets to hos very loud boast...

I've Got Crabs at my house! They are in Mommy's room!
Of course I got eyed and lots of chuckles. He went on to say how cool they were, how cute they were...but oh my! Really!

Thanks for bringing Mom into it by the way! Oh well, we do love our little crabbies. For some reason both my kids are amazed by these usually nocturnal insect like land crabs. They have a large tank and lots of toys, so they are quite entertaining when they grace us with their presence.

Moral of the story? Hermit crabs make excellent pets for little ones, but can be embarrassing to hear about.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Change Beautifully!

A true favorite amongst our members, we know how much you love these! Not only are they cute and practical, but they are also very affordable – especially with a deal like this! Get your hands on 2 mini coin purses for only $3.49 with free worldwide shipping. So here’s your chance to make some great little gifts for friends with this bumper sale offer.

I made one using my daughter's picture from Halloween and the results were too cute not to share! Just go to the link and enter the code at checkout. You get free shipping and two coin purses. That's a savings of almost $20!
Coupon Code : MCP4FRDS
Expiry Date : 2/3/2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silent Passengers

I love seeing them quietly napping on extended car rides or after a big day in town! My daughter loves her thumb best for an instant soother and never seems to be far away from her favorite tag tied blankies.

She loves playing Momma and always keeps her baby along for car rides. I thought about getting the baby doll car seat, but where would we put it? I know it's illegal to carry your baby in your lap, but in this case, it's a must!

My son on the other hand can't go anywhere without Kitty. He has had that cat's tail in his grip or under his nose since he was old enough to sleep in his own room! Car rides are much quieter when Kitty is on board!

We rarely see them both out at the same time, but in those rare moments of nap time bliss, we savor the quiet and dread the awake time that comes once we park!

What makes your little ones silent passengers? A favorite toy, movie, or sound? Share your secret weapons here! Please! :)

They have started swapping hits and toys already, so any advice in advance would be fabulous! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yogi Bear's Come Back

Sunday was movie day for the kids for the first time! We were as excited as they were to see how they would act! So naturally, Yogi Bear was our first choice. We loved that as kids ourselves and getting to see a live movie on the big screen was such a treat fro them that they were speechless...almost. 
My two kids loved eating popcorn and watching the giant movie play. They loved the candy counters and the loud music... The Yogi Bear movie kept their attention for the entire hour and half. The fast pace and fun music was a hit but the turtle was their favorite! 

Two Thumbs way up for this vary fun family film! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SunShine and Smiles

We had an unseasonably warm weekend and the kids were out to soak in the rays while the dog was sniffing for armadillos. The wind was the only downside, the breeze was anything but balmy. Actually it was quite chilly with a bite, so our outing was short, but worth it!

One down side to winter is how short the days are and how much indoor time you suffer. No wonder cabin fever is such a real diagnosis! I think I have a touch of that. And of course a cold to go with it! ... A CHOOO

I'm glad that bugs don't spread from computer to person! Hope you had a little reprieve from all this nasty weather wherever you are, and that  sun is shinning in full today. 
Be thankful for the eyes to see it
and the blessing of another day with the ones you love most!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dog Vs Armadillo

Armadillos are usually timid creatures that run at first sight or run into your cars tires, whichever comes first. They never struck me as very cute, but my family was at the park and came across this little one. I don't know if it's a male, but I'll call him a little guy...

Our dog, a teacup breed named She-Shee, ran out to meet this new play mate and scared it into popping up but not into a ball. They ran around a bit but this guy just would go right back to foraging for food. The kids and I were flanking him close enough to touch and he never ran. 

I didn't permit them to touch, but we could have! My son claimed that this "Arma-pillow" was very cute! I still don't know if I agree, but he was definitely curious!


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