Friday, December 31, 2010

Have a Very Blessed New Year!

I love the way kids think! My all time favorite cartoonist couldn't have captured their humor any better.... Calvin and Hobbs is dearly missed by this blogger!

My son is Calvin personified! He even carried around a little green and purple cat like a Multi hued Hobbs!

Whatever your plans tonight, be safe. Plan for next year to be better than any you've had, and be active in completing your goals! No one can do it for you!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Miss Makeup

Do you remember the Lil' Miss dolls of the late 80's? I remember being called that in high school due to my complexion...just add water for a fully made up look. (I know, I would hate me too!)

So, naturally I am hoping that my kids inherit my near perfect complexion and never have to struggle with the rite of passage that acne can create. They are already learning what make up is for thanks to watching Mom get ready and a good friend of mine gifting Abigail a make up set.

I think I was giggling so hard that half the pictures I took of them playing with this turned blurry! Even my son wanted to share, and is still learning how different us guys and gals really are!! He may think it's unfair now, but when the day comes for prom, he'll be rolling his eyes at how long it takes his sister to get ready compared to his 15 minutes of preening!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fire Truck From Papa

If you read back a few blogs you'll see that my kids have lost their Grandma and their Papa in just a few months. This Christmas is already lacking with those two up in Heaven, but they are still in our hearts and thoughts always!

My Father-in-law had already bought all our presents for this Christmas so we went out to his house last night and gathered around his widow to open them. My husband's step mom is a generous woman and has been in his life for almost 30 years. She is just as lost as we are without Dad!

I have to say, honestly I was not looking forward to it. I knew I would cry and miss him all over again, and I did! There is no stopping that. But it's not just the house, or the pictures, or the presents, it's the memories! And they follow you wherever you are, so going was not nearly as hard as leaving that place. And when my husband said he could almost see dad waving from the front steps I lost it all over again!

A firetruck was the gift he had bought for our son. A vintage one with working ladders and lights. It was amazing and our Benjamin loved it immediately! A doll and pram for our Abigail was a hit as she loved doll babies and anything to do with caring for them! I know he is in Heaven smiling down at them as they play with their gifts he chose just for them. But it was after the party, after the gifts were opened, and after driving away from the house that I got my gift.

Our almost 4 year old son looks out on the manger scene in our front yard as we pull into home and says to me,
"Mommy, I have to go show Baby Jesus my fire truck from Papa! Thank you Papa, see it baby Jesus? I like this firetruck."
My heart broke and mended at the same time, and swelled with a mixture of pride and joy. I didn't know the human heart was capable of such emotions all at once. My darling little boy knew the true meaning of the holidays was not just receiving gifts, but being thankful. And yet being mindful of the first and greatest gift ever given from our Heavenly Father is the true spirit behind those presents. And he brought it all home last night. I am blessed to have been entrusted with such a gift from above as him!

Give with an open heart this year and remember to be truly thankful for all the gifts you have been given! Especially your family.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This year with my daughter already 2, I was looking for a very special gift for this aspiriing Diva! I met a very talented lady who just started her own business specializing in the product I loved most, TuTus and more for my little princess!

Lindsey  is a very talented Mom and her designs are so trendy and cute that I couldn't pass them up, or keep them to myself.

Go to her new site at to see them for yourself.

My daughter loved her Birthday present. Head to toe from and she looked every bit the Diva!

Buy some for your little girl and see for yourself!
Remember to tell her Belle sent you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Covering Jesus this Christmas

My kids thought Baby Jesus looked cold out there in the manger all night so they grabbed one of their favorite blankets and covered him up. My son says to me, "I cubbered up Baby Jesus, Mommy. Yeah. Him looks much bebber now."

I love that they have such tender hearts! They have compassion for even their plastic "peoples". The world has hope as long as there are sweet children like these growing up to take charge. My prayer is that they are always this sensitive to the needs of others, plastic or not.

I hope that your Holiday decorations show your traditions and faith this year. And that you take the time to teach your children the meaning behind the season.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lost this Christmas

 We were still reeling from the loss of Grandma when dad passed into a coma and into Heaven days later. The seizure that took him away from his daily pain and from us came out of nowhere. Even as I write this and he is already buried in his eternal spot, I am filled with an emptiness from the weight of this double loss.

I knew Grandma Letterman well, but my kids did not and I was sad for that hole in their family which they would never even feel. But our Dad... now there was a man who adored his children and grandchildren as much as breathing. He cried as he held each one and worried over them if they were even slightly sick or had need for anything. He had already survived a brutal stroke 
that had his left side impaired and barely functional. It also left him in constant pain which grew from agony to aggravating. He never accepted the loss of his independence and cried as he held our youngest in one arm realizing he could never play with her like he wanted.

Our daughter was forever in awe of her "Papa" and always played shy. Still her held her as often as he could and loved hearing her laugh. She never got to wear the T shirt he bought her for him to see. She was such a petite thing that it is still to big for her. It says "My Heart Belongs to Grandpa" and she will wear it for the first time this summer. He'll have to look down to see her in it now. But we have no doubt that he is indeed looking down and that Heaven has two of our family's prayer angels in their ranks this year. Who needs a Christmas tree angel when you have two in Heaven!?

We miss our Dad. It just doesn't seem like Christmas this year. We are getting through the days now like he did every day of the past two years...slowly and with a bitter constant pain. But we'll improve even if a part of us is gone forever, just like Dad. We survive on memories from when he was whole and find peace knowing that he is like that again. We just wish it had been on different terms. We miss you!

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