Saturday, February 4, 2012

Burned Out

My son's burn progression of healing. Hard to take as a parent, but he never complained of it hurting. I had to keep him calm and stop his jumping and dancing fast, but it was worth it to limit the pain medicine he required. (only that fist moment)

It may look a bit angry at first, but once we found a way to prevent slipping and sliding over that area (hard to do in the belly of a toddler!) it was smooth sailing.

To prevent scaring you have to keep the edges clear, which may mean peeling away that brown skin that forms. (Like peeling a sun burn, but can be painful)
If you have never seen a burn before, or do not feel comfortable, do not attempt to do this all on your own! See a professional or your pediatrician.

This is what an infection-free, non scaring burn should look like as it heals. Dark pink that fades to a very pale skin tone.  Now you no longer need to cover.

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