Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Stuff

Why throw it away whe you could give it away and have fun in the process?! I love Listia! I use my facebook account to stay connected to it and earn points with every item I give away to people all over the country! Some items for the cost of a postage stamp.

I'm always finding books and toys for the kids on there and cute things for me too! Check it out what do you have to loose?

Auctions for free stuff at

Tell them cbelle78 sent ya!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missing Grandma

I can vaguely remember being in a funeral home as a little girl to see that my Great Grandmother had died and was surrounded by flowers and mourners. I still remember thinking how strange it was and hoping I would never have to do that again. I can sometimes picture her face in life, but I was so young it's hard to say how much I truly remember about her on my own.

She was a strong woman that lived a long life. And yesterday my kids lost their paternal Great Grandmother. At 3 and 1, I doubt they are able to recall any of the events that will follow. I also doubt that they will have any memories of the woman that helped to shape the lives that brought them into this world.

It's always hard to loose a loved one. I try to remember that we don't own them, and need to hold them loosely. Make sure that the ones you love know it!
Say it, show it and prove it DAILY.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Classic Car SHows

It's that time of year when the air gets crisp and cold, the leaves turn different shades of brown, and if your lucky orange and red, and the classic cars come out to play! Our family loves going to the car shows when we are able.  This year was the first time our son was as impressed with the cars as he was the inflatables!

I think his favorite was without a doubt the supped up, raised up, pimped out truck and then the fire truck. But what boy doesn't love those? My little girl was more impressed with the shiny trophies. Ahhh, the appeal of glitz and gold. They are definitely loving the start of Fall!

So, get out there and enjoy the views. Stay hydrated and keep those little ears covered on windy days! There is so much to appreciate in old cars. They just don't make 'em like they used to! And so many cool new bling things that can be added to a stock model it's ridiculous!

Have fun and enjoy all the sights this Fall!

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