Monday, January 30, 2012

Am I?

My son will be five in only a few more weeks. He is growing up way too fast. He still loves to cuddle in the chair or couch with me and I enjoy it while it lasts! One of the new cute sayings of his is, "Mommy I'm a good helper! Am I."

It always brings a smile to my face and of course earns him extra kisses! He definitely lives up to his name, as I believe all children do, and is the best little helper this Mommy could every need.

I don't stress about the incorrect grammar, but I do respond with "Yes you are! You are fast too, Aren't you?!" Of course, he loves hearing this and goes on and on about how fast he is. This usually leads to him telling sis that he is so much faster than she is. =)

Abbie completed her first three word sentence last week. "Where's Daddy At?" sounded more like a whispered, "Waysss DA dee AA" Well, not so much like a goo goo ga ga speach as that probably looks, but it was very clear and definitely three words. So I am glad that she is talking more and can't wait for the day I wish she was talking less. Hmmm, maybe I CAN wait for that day! ;)


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